About us…

Welcome to BlackGecko Photography!

My name is Mark Stewart, from BlackGecko Photography. When I started shooting freelance portrait photography, back in 1999, I was using a Nikon FM2—a fully manual film camera. Shooting film forced me to concentrate on making a good exposure, and on composing “in-camera”, so that when I went into my tiny darkroom, I could emerge with hand-printed photographic art. And that art reflected the personality and the character of the one whom I had photographed.

I bring the same concentration on light, exposure and composition to the work I do today. I have found that my skills lie in the area of portraiture, because I am able to allow my clients to enjoy themselves, to forget that there is a camera present, and to have fun. When people see the photos I make of them under these circumstances, they are often amazed at how beautiful they themselves appear. But the “secret” is simple: I just allow them to see how incredibly beautiful they are when they are “just themselves”.

Technical skill alone is not enough to make a great commercial photographer. Communication with the client, and an ability to turn their vision into reality, is what excites me about shooting corporate portraiture and advertising photography. Joining with my client to produce the perfect image for them—in mood, texture, context—allows me to stretch myself, and to bring my creative eye to bear upon the project.

Given the incredible capacity of today’s digital camera, even “poor” photographers can create dynamic images. In response to these challenges, I offer myself to my clients whole-heartedly. I listen, I cooperate, and I bring all that I have— training, experience, intuition—to the table, without pretense.Please explore the galleries I offer here, and if you see something that interests you, please contact me. I look forward to working with you, either in a personal portrait shoot, or on your next commercial mega-project!


J. Mark Stewart, BlackGecko Photography